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Nomad Health Programmes

Nomad Health International is a pioneering organization offering innovative counseling techniques and the teaching of healthful habits through its programmes and events, which are held in the most exclusive locations, and by collaborating with the best hospitality brands.

These programmes and events are designed and led by a multidisciplinary team of professionals in the health and well-being fields including doctors, acupuncturists, nutritionists, therapists, trainers and coaches.

De-stress Cure

This is a result-driven programme to prevent and overcome chronic stress derived from Western daily routines. It provides every tool the participant needs to relax, restore a positive, proactive mindset and successfully deal with daily challenges.

Ultimate Fitness

This is an energetic programme designed to trigger a physiological shift, boost energy levels and increase muscle strength, endurance capacity and flexibility.


Life Detox

The Life Detox Programme will bring awareness and alternatives to all negative patterns we undergo in Western society, providing guests with a fresh start towards a more physically and emotionally healthy lifestyle.

Slimming Cure

The Slimming Cure Programme provides a dramatic change by providing a full set of tools to restore natural weight, inner health and by conditioning the mind towards a balanced, fulfilling lifestyle.


The Well-being Programme provides a gentle introduction to a healthy lifestyle, utilizing trends and tools that encourage guests to shift their approach towards a healthier way of life.


Discovering Yoga

This programme introduces yoga philosophy through Hatha Yoga, meditation teachings and Ayurvedic treatments. The participant will experience both physical changes and mental insights.

About NHI

Nomad Health International is a company exclusively dedicated to creating and providing health and well-being programmes and events in very exclusive locations, partnering with the best hospitality brands.


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