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Why Defeating Weight ?

This is not just a weight-loss bootcamp, a coaching event or a detox retreat. Is all of these and much more. Being overweight causes an endless list of health issues and is primarily the result of unhealthy physical, nutritional and emotional daily habits. Our Four Pillars method trains the body by educating the mind, providing a full transformational process where unhealthful habits are identified and re-patterned. It is a comprehensive tool box towards well-being.

Our Defeating Weight breakthrough includes:


  • 6 nights acommodation at a Majorcan villa.
  • Transfers to/from the airport and during the event.
  • Initial comprehensive health information questionnaire.
  • Initial and final controlled bio-impedance tests.
  • Individual nutritional consultations and full board of healthy organic meals & therapeutic teas prescribed by our Nutritionist expert in natural therapies.
  • Daily educational workshops delivered by our health experts.
  • Daily healthful cooking shows by our macrobiotic Chef.
  • One-on-one private sessions with our Lifestyle Coach.
  • Daily sunrise WET™ physical training and sunset workout.
  • Daily mindfulness training.
  • Individual consultation and Shiatsu therapy by our Shiatsu Master.
  • Aesthetic consultation and treatments by our beauty experts.
  • Spare time to enjoy and meet like-minded people.

EXPERIENCIE 7 day breakthrough:

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ALL-INCLUSIVE special package from 2.280 €

Who can benefit from our Defeating Weight breakthrough?

Everyone who is struggling to lose or even maintain body weight, regardless of the starting point, or suffers any side-related conditions such as HBP, diabetes, chronic stress, anxiety, eating disorders or limiting thinking patterns such as insecurity or low self esteem, will benefit and find a fresh start in this unique experience. Our Four Pillars method has been specifically designed to recognize and re-pattern habits, providing a fresh new mindset which will trigger lasting change, thus long-term results in the attendee. We teach mental strength, emotional drive and physical commitment in order for the attendee to get back on track and relentlessly pursue the quality of life they aim for and deserve.

About NHI

Nomad Health International is a company exclusively dedicated to creating and providing health and well-being programmes and events in very exclusive locations, partnering with the best hospitality brands.


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